Dube City is set to become an ultra-modern 'green' hub in the heart of Dube TradePort, immediately adjacent to the King Shaka International Airport terminal.

Its development follows sustainable development principles and makes provision for premium office, retail, hospitality and leisure space immediately adjacent to the airport.

The area is home to Dube TradePort Corporation's Head Office, known as 29° South. This building itself demonstrates the organisation's commitment to the environment and was specifically designed to achieve a 4-star green rating. Building orientation maximises natural light usage and minimises heating and cooling needs. An in-built management system controls artificial light and air-conditioning, while recycled rainwater is used for flushing toilets and other applications. Waterless urinals further cut potable water waste.

Dube City currently comprises 12 hectares, expanding to 24 hectares when complete and, perpetuating the environmental sensitivities, incorporates pedestrian-friendly zones, tree-lined boulevards, dedicated cycle lanes and open lawns.

Land use has been carefully planned to include a blend of entertainment, hotel, conference, retail, knowledge-intensive companies and company head offices. The area is supported by fully-reticulated fibre-optic cabling delivering unparalleled voice and data connectivity.

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