Block D

Block D, a prime location in Dube City, is a mixed use site, ideal for the construction of a hotel, offices and retail outlets and encompasses between 21 000 and 37 000 square metres of bulk.

It is envisaged that the development could include a 200-bed hotel, offices comprising between 10 000 and 15 000 square metres and retail facilities occupying an additional 2 500 square metres.

Dube TradePort Corporation is designing and constructing a double-storey underground parking capable of accommodating some 600 vehicles:

Dube City Block D  Dube City Block D  Dube City Aerial View, airport in background

Development Opportunities 

Dube TradePort Corporation is seeking developers to take-up the hotel/office/retail investment opportunity. The development will be set in a vibrant public space, linking with the existing Dube Square. Dube City will offer a fully-serviced, high-quality pedestrian-orientated and beautifully landscaped environment and provide an efficient, convenient, comfortable and safe business platform.

31 Degrees East at Dube City: Leasing Opportunities

Eureka Capital is designing an A-grade office building to be located on part of the Block D site. Opportunities are available for leasing of office and retail space.

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31 Degrees East at Dube City