Dube City is becoming a next-generation business hub in the heart of Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone, adjacent to King Shaka International Airport’s passenger terminal.

Its growth follows sustainable development principles and makes provision for premium office, retail, hospitality and leisure space close to the airport.

The first phase of development encompasses an area of 12 hectares (29 acres), increasing to 24 hectares (59 acres) upon completion of the second phase. The development comprises 10 blocks, consisting of 45 individual stands, all of which are level, fully-serviced and competitively priced. The sites are available on long-term leases of 49 years, with an option to renew (depending on the nature of proposed developments).

Dube City’s development is set to deliver a world-class and cosmopolitan business and leisure facility. This mixed-use development will include a blend of entertainment, hotel, conference, retail, knowledge-intensive companies and company head offices. The area is supported by fully-reticulated fibre-optic cabling delivering unparalleled voice and data connectivity.

29° South, a building home to Dube TradePort Corporation's Head Office, demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to environmental sustainability.  The organisation is currently developing a double underground basement on the Block D site adjacent to the 29° South head office, which has multiple investors secured for the construction of office and hotel developments.

Dube City is linked to the adjacent airport terminal and will, in the long-term, also be linked to Mount Moreland, while being fully integrated with the broader Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone precinct.