Architecture & Landscaping

Dube City's development follows sustainable development principles in a quest to create within Dube TradePort an ultra-modern urban 'green' hub, and delivering a world-class and cosmopolitan 24-hour business and leisure facility.

Emphasising the importance of public open spaces, Dube City is being developed around both vehicular and pedestrian movement systems, and incorporates pedestrian-friendly zones and open spaces. 

At least 30% of the overall Dube City site is to be landscaped, with tree-lined boulevards and planted pergolas being prominent at ground level.  These public areas should provide for controlled street trading, spill-out areas from restaurants and entertainment venues, street theatre and art.

All developments within the precinct are encouraged to consider environmental sustainability in their design.

Appropriate water-wise landscaping is regarded as critical in ensuring that buildings achieve the highest possible 'green' rating and as such, landscaping will be endemic. The use of water within landscaping will enhance the ambience of outdoor spaces, create a cooling effect and generate pleasant 'white noise' to mask the noise of both air and vehicular traffic.