Block F

This prime location, adjacent to 29° South in Dube City, is ideal for the construction of an IT Hub, BPO Park and Data Centre, facilities which would complement and enhance the proposed overall city activity mix.

Data Centre

By definition, a data centre is a computer/server facility; a location at which servers, networks and other computer equipment may be stored and managed in a controlled environment. The benefit of a data centre is that it offers regulated power (full back-up), a high bandwidth internet connection, physical and network security, constant monitoring and full technical support.

The positioning of a data centre in Dube City would have the undoubted benefit of attracting IT companies which may benefit from being located in the vicinity.

Innovation Hub

The development of an innovation hub in Dube City could create a unique space for a knowledge-intensive cluster and could fulfill a key role in nurturing commercial and technological innovation.

Business incubators are organisations which support fledgling business enterprises through the initial phase of operation. Entrepreneurs with feasible projects are provided assistance by way of support resources.

Benefits for developers:

  • High-speed internet access;
  • Provision of office space;
  • Technical support;
  • Legal and financial advice; and
  • Marketing assistance.

Additional services:

  • Business networking;
  • Administrative services;
  • Management coaching and business training programmes;
  • Accounting/financial management assistance;
  • Business plan preparation;
  • Access to financial assistance and investment capital;
  • Communications skills development;
  • Links to higher education resources; 
  • Links to strategic partners;
  • Assistance with business etiquette;
  • Technology commercialisation assistance;
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance; and 
  • Intellectual property management.

A business incubator's primary objective is to produce successful enterprises which are financially sustainable.

The proposed development may act as a platform for tenant occupants to:

  • Engage with one another, as well as with experts, on mutually-beneficial innovative opportunities;
  • Engage in idea sharing, knowledge transfer and experimentation;
  • Incorporate new knowledge for sustainability and innovation in business practice; and
  • Share common facilities, such as laboratory space and the like.